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"Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation." (Habakkuk 3:18, NKJV)


The prophet Habakkuk in this third chapter declares both his love and his reverence for God. I love this declaration because the prophet lets us know that God is not to be praised only when things go our way, but even if things do not go our way. Even if things go all wrong, the prophet declares, in essence, "I will YET REJOICE."

Yesterday I shared with you that we here in the South Eastern United States, in the winter of 2014, experienced a severe ice and snow storm. An ice storm hit our area unlike anything we had seen in the last thirty years. Many people, like myself, had been confined to their homes without the comforts of television service, heat or electricity. The report was that millions of Americans are without electricity, and some remained without it for one to two weeks. Yet, the prophet reminded us that we can “YET REJOICE."

1. Can you like the prophet, STILL REJOICE when things seem to go against you?

2. Are you mature enough to have learned that God is worthy to be praised even when things do not go your way?

3. The mature know that praise and rejoicing in the Lord is not based on what God does or does not do. Praise is based on who He is.

4. In spite of what you may be going through right now, can you still bless and praise God simply for who He is? Even if He doesn’t do what you want Him to do?

5. Regardless to what we face or go through God is looking seeking someone who is faithful to Him, committed to Him and loves Him enough to go through the toughest of time and YET REJOICE!

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