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Why Carry It?

“Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows; . . .” (Isaiah 53:4,


In this verse, the prophet Isaiah speaks prophetically about the coming of the Lord

and what He will do for His people. The prophetic word is that the savior will bear

the grief and pains of His people and carry all their sorrows. We know that savior

to be Jesus.

Since Jesus has borne all your grief and carried all our sorrows, why are you

carrying them? Why are you carrying the guilt, the shame and the regret from past

mistakes? Why hold on to the hurt, the distrust and the anger from those who hurt

you. Why are you living with everything that would cause you grief and sorrow?

Why are you carrying it?

Do not let the enemy torment you with what Jesus died to set you free of. Do not

be held hostage by your past when Jesus died to set you free. Turn it all over to

God. Give everything that is burdening you to Him. Jesus died for it; you do not

have to live with it. He already bore it. Jesus already carried it. Therefore, WHY


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