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"My lips shall utter praise, . . ." (Ps. 119:171 NKJV)


In this portion of the Psalm, sandwiched in between the Psalmist’s cry for help and a plea for deliverance, is the declaration, "my lips shall utter praise."

This is a powerful testimony and example for us. It teaches us that even in our most difficult of times, we ought to still have a praise on our lips for God. It validates for us that, even when we are going through our storms, God is worthy of our praise.

Yet, it also speaks of our faith and love for God. My lips utter praise because I know He is able to bring me out of this situation, even if He allows me to remain in it for a season. My lips utter praise because I am not ashamed to speak of my love for Him.

1. Have you disciplined yourself to praise God in and through every situation?

2. Is praise a part of your daily activity?

3. Have you uttered praise at any point in your day today?

Today, train your lips to utter praise to God, no matter what the day brings. Let your faith and your love for God be manifested through your praise. In doing so, you will begin to see God moving in your life in miraculous ways. In every situation, give God the glory as you UTTER PRAISE!

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