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"Now it happened, the day after, that He went into a city called Nain; and many of His disciples went with Him, and a large crowd." (Luke 7:11, NKJV)

This verse follows the account of Jesus healing the centurion’s servant who was critically sick. The scripture lets us know that the "day after" the centurion’s servant received healing, Jesus enters the town of Nain and raises a widow’s son from the dead. Now understand this, the Jews then, as they do now, bury their dead within twenty-four hours of the persons death. Therefore, according to the scripture, on the day that the centurion's servant was healed, that same day this widow’s son died. Had Jesus arrived in Nain the day before, He might have healed the lad of his sickness and he would not have died. In turn, this widow would not have had to endure the pain and sorrow of her only child dying. Yet, Jesus does not come the day before to heal the boy. He arrives "the day after" and raises the boy from the dead.

There is a marvelous lesson in this for us today. The lesson is never give up on God. God might not come when we think He should, or in the fashion we think He will or ought to show up. But if you wait on God, He will come. Remember what the older saints used to say, “He might not come when you want Him to, but He's always on time."

Don’t ever give up on God. Don’t allow your circumstances to cause you to lose hope and faith in God. Your deliverance, your healing, your dreams, might not be fulfilled today, but God will show up in the lives of those who keep the faith. Your blessing might not come the day you planned, but do not lose hope. It might just arrive, THE DAY AFTER.

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