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Something You Can Stand On

“The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever.”

(Isaiah 40:8, NKJV)

Some time ago, I overheard a conversation between two men talking about the

Kentucky Derby. They were discussing the horses that would be running, the odds

and the favorites. One of the men, trying to convince the other to place a bet on a

particular horse, made the familiar statement, “It’s a sure thing.”

We have all heard that statement before, but when I heard it this time I wanted to

jump into their conversation and tell them both, “The only sure thing that there is,

is God and the Word of God.”

You see, you can depend on God’s Word. God is unlimited, yet He has placed

limits on Himself as it relates to His word. God states in another verse, in essence,

“Before anything I say fails, heaven and earth will pass away.” What God says, He

will do, He must do. He cannot make a promise that He does not keep. He must

and will fulfill His promises to you.

Everything else might wither, fail, fade and pass away, but God’s Word stands

forever. Because His words will stand forever, doesn’t it make since to stand on

His word? There is not much in this life that is a “sure thing,” but God’s Word is.


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