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Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!(Philippians 4:4. NKJV)


Paul admonishes the Christians in Philippi, and us today, to keep a rejoicing spirit. He is writing to them while in a Roman prison, and yet he says, rejoice always.

1. You may be dealing with many difficult situations but can you still rejoice today?

2. In spite of what happens in your life do you still find something to rejoice about?

3. In order to ALWAYS REJOICE you must have a “spirit of rejoicing.” Do you have a rejoicing spirit or a spirit of complaining, grumbling and negativity?

4. Paul tells us to “rejoice “in the Lord” always.” Do you understand that in order to ALWAYS REJOICE you have to focus on where you are “In the Lord” and not where you are in your circumstances and situations?

No matter what happens in our life my brothers and sisters ALWAYS REJOICE!

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