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This is one of my favorite verses of scripture. It is one of my favorites because I

have to go back and remind myself of what it instructs on a regular basis. Paul in

this verse tells us the things we “ought” to think or meditate on. This is an

important verse because, you know, if we do not think on the right things, we will

think and eventually do the wrong things.

The church I serve as pastor hears me say regularly, “your thoughts control your

emotions and your emotions influence your actions.” “First you think it, then you

do it.” You can think yourself happy or think yourself sad. You can think yourself

angry, mad, irritated or at peace. Your thoughts control your mood, your attitude

and your behavior.

1. Have you ever thought yourself angry only to find out what you were

thinking was actually false?

2. Are you a person who tends to think positive or negative thoughts?

Constructive or destructive?

3. Do you understand that your thoughts control how you live your life and

what kind of life you live?

Let us make sure we think the right thoughts. No matter what this day or this life

holds for you, think on those things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, things

of a good report, virtuous thoughts and thoughts that are praise worthy. Let us

condition our minds to think only good, positive, affirmative thoughts. When the

temptation comes to begin thinking negatively, tell yourself NO STINKING


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