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"Love never fails . . ." ( I Corinthians13:8, NKJV)


Every day we should celebrate and show our love to those we hold dear. Paul reminds us in this the thirteenth chapter of First Corinthians, that "Love never fails." There is no time limit on love. Love has no expiration date. There is no “on/off” switch for love. There is no time when expressions of love should cease. LOVE NEVER FAILS.

Many celebrate certain days as days to show love. Days such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Birthdays are days many will give special attention and special effort to show love to their loved ones. Yet, when the clock strikes midnight, they go right back to their separate corners and come out swinging as if they are in a battle with the ones, they say they love.

1. Is your love conditional? Is it limited to what a person does for you?

2. Can you tell someone you love them and continue to tell them you love them even it they do not say “I love you” back?

3. Does your love have an expiration date?

4. Can you show love to those who may never show you love in return?

Let us truly make every day a Valentine’s Day, a birthday or Christmas. Not just with the people we may have given or received flowers, candy or a card from, but with everyone. Let us demonstrate the Love of God to all. Let's show the world that God is love, and God never fails, therefore, LOVE NEVER FAILS.

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