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And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them.(LUKE 24:30 NJV)


On the day of Jesus’ resurrection, we see from the writing of Luke in chapter 24, two of his disciples traveling down the road from Jerusalem to a village named Emmaus. These two disciples were discussing the events of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and reported resurrection. While they traveled and talked, Jesus Himself appeared and began conversing with them, but they did not recognize Him. The scripture says it was not until they all sat to eat and Jesus took, blessed, broke and gave the bread that “their eyes were opened” and they knew the Lord.

Today I want us to notice the words Luke uses that precede Jesus’ distribution of the bread. Luke makes the statement, “And it came to pass . . .” Luke here, uses this term to get us to take notice of what is to proceed the next statement. Today I want us to see this term as an announcement from God about every problem, issue or concern you might be facing right now or in the future, “IT CAME TO PASS.

1. Make that declaration to yourself about the problems you are facing right now, “IT CAME TO PASS!”

2. Know that no problem is eternal. God’s love, grace, mercy and compassion is eternal. Therefore, your problems “CAME TO PASS!”

3. Isn’t it wonderful to know that like the song that the old saints use to sing is true, “Trouble don’t last always?” In other words, IT CAME TO PASS!

Let the words of Luke and this brief message give you comfort and peace. Encourage yourself and others in knowing and declaring, whatever you are dealing with “IT CAME TO PASS!”

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