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"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; . . ." (Psalm 138:8, NKJV)


This is one of those verses of scripture that gives me hope and encouragement at a time when I begin to question my future. The Psalmist reminds us in this verse that God knows what concerns us and He will bring to pass everything in His will that concerns our lives. We do not have to stress or be anxious about what the future holds because everything that concerns us, the Lord takes into account and will bring to pass what we need in due time.

1. Do you ever question yourself and even God concerning where your life is going? Most everyone does.

2. Do you spend time worrying what will happen next or what you should do now?

Let these words be a source of comfort for you today. Know that the Lord, our God, knows all that concerns you and He will take care of all your needs in due time. You do not have to waste your time and energy worrying about how things will turn out or what will happen next. Just trust God with every minute of your life. Trust that He will lead you to where you need to go and give you just what you need to have, in order to assure your success.

Rejoice in knowing, God knows everything that concerns your life and the promise you have is that HE WILL PERFECT THAT WHICH CONCERNS YOU!

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