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Handfuls on Purpose

“Also let grain from the bundles fall purposely for her; leave it that she may

glean, and do not rebuke her.” (Ruth 2:16, NKJV)

This verse gives us the account of Ruth, a foreigner in Israel, who is gleaning or

picking up ears of corn, that are left behind by the reapers. Boaz, the owner of the

field, is drawn to her and tells his servants, the reapers, to intentionally and

purposefully drop ears of corn for her to gather as a blessing.

Notice two things about this verse, one, Ruth was not given an abundance at one

time. Just handfuls. Second, Ruth was never told what she was gathering was left

for her “on purpose,” as an intentional blessing.

You know sometimes we begin to doubt, become impatient and even question

God’s love because it seems we are just barely making it from day to day.

Sometimes we measure our blessings by what others have or do not have. Yet, I

want to encourage you to remember, if you are making it from day to day, that also

is a blessing. Sometimes all God gives us is our “daily bread.” Not the abundance

we so often look for. Secondly, you must know that God knows you and what you

are going through and dealing with. He has already assigned an angle to make sure

you have everything you need at the present time.

You may not be living in the abundance right now, but if you just count the

‘handfuls” that you do have, you can still shout and rejoice knowing that God is

taking care of you. Let us praise God that things are as well as they are. We may

not be where we want to be, or have what we want to have, but thank God for the


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