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“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (John 15:13, NKJV)


Jesus in this verse, as He is on His way to offer His life as a sacrifice for the world, teaches the disciples what great love really is. He tells them, and us, great love is demonstrated when we lay down our lives for others. But what does Jesus really mean? Is He saying a friend is one who will literally die physically for another? That:” ride or die” friend? Are we required to give up our physical lives for those we call friend? Well, perhaps. But how can we say we are willing to “die” for another person, when we are not willing to give up our pride or our ego for those, we say we love.

1. Could it be that what Jesus is really telling us is there is no greater love than for a man or a woman to give “of” and give “up” his or herself for those they love?

2. Are you willing to give “of” yourself and give “up” yourself to serve, minister to and to be a blessing to those you say you love?

3. Laying down one’s life may mean standing up for someone who is being beat down and bullied by others. It may be picking up someone who the world or society has cast down.

4. There is no greater love than to go out of your way to bless, comfort, encourage and stand up for someone in need of love.

Today, as we give “of” ourselves and give “up” ourselves, let us show the world that we are a people who are willing to demonstrate a GREATER LOVE!

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