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Endure It

“But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” (Matthew 24:13, NKJV)

Jesus, in this twenty-fourth chapter of the book of Matthew, tells his disciples

about some of the signs that will take place before the end comes. He warns of

devastating earthquakes, the world at war, famine and various deadly diseases that

will be experienced before the end. Yet, Jesus also encourages His disciples to not

loose heart. He says those who “endure” these various difficult situations “shall be


As we look at our world today in light of the “signs” Jesus warns will take place in

the end time, I believe, we can rightly assess that we are living in the “last days.”

We see wars and national uprisings all over the Middle East and parts of Europe.

Human atrocities and genocide on the African and South American continents,

along with the resurgence of diseases that we once thought had be eradicated a

century ago, as well as new threats to our bodies like Covid-19, SARS, and MERS

(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), these are all signs that the end is near. Yet,

the good news is that we can hear Jesus encouraging us, he or she who “endures to

the end shall be saved.”

Though you may not be in a war torn country, struggling with warring factions that

seek to annihilate a certain segment of the population, or held in isolation because

a deadly contagious disease, we too have struggles that seek to break us, our faith

and our spirit. Be it physical, political, emotional or financial, we all are struggling

in one way or another. But the words of Jesus to His disciples then, is God’s Word

or us today, “endure.” No matter what you are faced with you must endure. No

matter what comes your way, declare that you will endure it. Do not allow the

enemy of your soul to win the victory over your life. Declare before your

problems and the world, no matter what, you are one who will be saved, because

you will ENDURE IT.

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