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"However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.(Matthew 17:21 NKJV)


The church that I am blessed to be able to shepherd, the Macedonia Church of Augusta, has designated the month of January of each year as our month of fasting. We call it our “First Fast.” This year we all are choosing seven days to fast for twenty-four hours. We collectively fast and pray for specific things. We understand, and most Christians will agree, that there is power in prayer. Yet, we also know that certain things only "go out" by both prayer and fasting.

Let me define what fasting is for some who may not know. Fasting is simply denying oneself physical food, usually for a designated period of time, to seek God for a specific purpose. During the time of fasting the individual will take that time he or she normally would be eating and pray and read the Word of God. This is also a time to discipline oneself to avoid anything that is not edifying or empowering.

1. Have you considered taking some time to fast and pray for the concerns you have?

2. Have you ever considered and taking the time to fast and pray just to draw closer to God.

3. Jesus tells us some things only “go out” by prayer and fasting. What is it in you life, a habit, an addiction, an attitude, etc., that you might need to take some time to fast and pray about that it might “go out?”

4. Is there a question that you are struggling with, a decision you have to make that may be life altering in some way? This may be the perfect time and the means to get the answer you seek simply by praying and fasting.

Take some time out and get the power, the answer and the deliverance you need, BY PRAYER AND FASTING.

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