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“Many waters cannot quench love, Nor can the floods drown it . . .” (Song of Solomon 8:7, NKJV)


The book of Song of Solomon or Song of Songs is a wonderful poem expressing the love that a man and a woman have for each other. This love that they share for one another is symbolic of God’s love for us.

When, in my studies, I came across this verse I was mesmerized. Listen to how Solomon describes the power of love, “Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it.” Solomon has likened love to an unquenchable fire, which cannot be doused by water or swept away by a flood. This is powerful.

1. Do you know that this UNQUENCHABLE LOVE that Solomon speaks of is the love that God has for you?

2. Not only does God want us to know we are loved by Him with an UNQUENCHABLE LOVE, He also wants us to love each other in the same way.

3. Can you tell your spouse today (honestly) that you love them with an UNQUENCHABLE LOVE?

4. Tell your child or children today (they need to hear it) that you love them with an UNQUENCHABLE LOVE!

Not only family or friends but let us seek to love everyone with an UNQUENCHABLE LOVE.

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