"Then he said, “Come with me, and see my zeal for the Lord . . .” (2 Kings

10:16 NKJV)


This scripture is taken from the account of Jehu, king of Israel, as he had just

completed eliminating a number of the enemies of God. Jehu could have at that

time sat down and rested, knowing he had fulfilled all of the prophetic word given

to him. But Jehu was not that kind of a person. Jehu was a “go-getter.” He was

not the kind of person to sit when there was still work to be done. When Jehu met

Jehonadab, another friend of God, he invited him to "Come with me and see my

zeal for the Lord." Jehu was saying, "I am just getting started."

1. Are Jehu’s words your testimony? Can you body declare, “In this new year,

in spite of all that has happened last year, I’m just getting started into my destiny?

2. Can you make the declaration that “in spite of past mistakes, mishaps,

misfortunes, pitfalls, and failures, my life is no where near over. I’m just getting


3. Do you focus more on your past than you do your future?

4. Do you have an excitement in you for what the future holds for you, looking

more forward to achieving more, progressing further, reaching higher heights.

5. Do you plan to do more to assure your own success and live out your purpose

or are you just letting life happen around you while you wait to see what will take


Now is the time to boldly declare to yourself and the world:


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