I am proud and excited to introduce you to my newest publication, THINE IS THE KINGDOM: POSSESSING WHAT WAS MADE TO BE YOURS. Have you ever wondered why God made you and what God has for you? We end the Lord's prayer by declaring, "For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever." This book will help you realize, yes the Kingdom belongs to God, but it also is yours as well. God made it for you. Possess it.
THINE IS THE KINGDOM. - $10 + $3 shipping/handling


MY WEEKDAY WORD is presented as a five day devotional beginning with Week One and ending with Week Fifty-Two.  Each devotional is inspired by the Holy Spirit to encourage, inspire, comfort, educate, motivate and provoke to action. The Word of God is timeless, therefore the reader will find each of these daily devotionals are a Word in season. Be blessed, be enlightened, be empowered as you, embark upon your journey in My WEEKDAY WORD. - $15 + $3 shipping/handling


Why Marry - How To Know Why, When, and Who To Commit To
It is my prayer that this work will open your eyes to what marriage really is, if you are ready for marriage, and help you to make the right choice of a spouse, before you walk down that proverbial aisle and repeat those sacred vows before God, family and friends. - $10 + $3 shipping/handling


From Bliss to a Blizzard - How God Turns Burden Into Blessings
This book is about how God uses an individual's pain to become a ministry in the lives of others.  For those whose bliss seems to be turning into a blizzard, this book is written as a compass to guide you through. - $10 + $3 shipping/handling


The Ships of Love:  A Relation-Ship Manual for Dating Single
This work is not presented as a resource to help one find a mate. Neither is it my intention to help the reader get over hurt of previous relations. This work is being presented to show that one can have fulfilling dating relationships by going through the appropriate stages, or in this case, "THE SHIPS OF LOVE." - $10 + $3 shipping/handling