My brothers and sisters, we welcome you to share in the mission and ministry of Macedonia Baptist Church.  God is truly moving in the lives of the members of Macedonia and those who attend its worship and study.  In the short time since I have become pastor, we have seen many souls saved; lives have been transformed and given over to the Lordship of Jesus the Christ, and persons have been delivered from the grip of Hell’s chains.  To God be the glory, for the great things He has done!

 In September of 1999, I assumed the position of Pastor and Minister of Macedonia Baptist Church.  From that time and months before, I sought the Lord through prayer and meditation concerning what God would have me to do in leading His church.  The Lord spoke into my spirit, over and over again, these words “It does not yet appear what you shall be.” I then began to ask the Lord to show me what the mission and ministry of Macedonia should be by giving me the vision for the future of His church.  Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open to you.”  At that time, the Lord began to pour into my spirit the marvelous vision and ministry of the Macedonia Baptist Church.  At this time, I am pleased and honored to share a portion of this vision with you.

 One of the first things the Lord showed me was that Macedonia would serve as a “LIGHTHOUSE” for persons and other ministries.  The old lighthouse was put in place and served to guide ships to safety during rough seas, dark nights and times when vision was impaired due to fog or storm.  The Lord shared with me that we are in a time when many people and ministries are struggling to find their way and are in need of direction and guidance.  Macedonia and the ministries of Macedonia will serve as that guide, leading others to the safe shores of salvation, security, and stability.  People will look to Macedonia to find the saving grace of Jesus, and the security of His love.  Other churches and ministries will look to Macedonia as a model for developing strong, relevant, person-oriented and empowering ministries.  The light of Macedonia and its members will shine bright so that men and women, boys and girls will see our good works and come to give glory to our Father who is in heaven.

 One of the ways we began to implement the vision of God to be a light was to adopt what God gave me as the four-fold mission and ministry of the church: EVANGELISM, EDUCATION, EMANCIPATION AND EMPOWERMENT. This four-fold mission and ministry will be the foundation for which every ministry of Macedonia will exist. 


EVANGELISM (Matt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:8) because the primary mission and ministry of the church is to seek and to save the lost.  We will strive to make disciples for Christ who understand their call to make other disciples.

EDUCATION (Deuteronomy 6:6-12; Matt. 11:28-30; 2 Timothy 2:15) because we are commanded to study, learn and teach God’s word. 

EMANCIPATION (Luke 4:18; John 8:32-36) because God has anointed us with His Holy Spirit that we might seek to set people free from the spiritual, economic, political, emotional and mental bonds that hold them back and keep them from having “life abundantly” in Jesus our Savior.

EMPOWERMENT (Matthew 10:1; Luke 10:19 Acts 1:8) because after people have been set free, they need to be empowered so that they will not turn back to the bondage that formerly enslaved them. 

This is the mission that the Macedonia Baptist Church has been called to fulfill by God, and the ministry that we have adopted as individuals and as a collective body of Christ. It is to this aim that we exist and invite you to share with us in bringing this mission to fruition that we might endeavor to build the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in heaven.